Monday, 26 November 2012

The Unfinishable Revealed

A bit of a delay on this update, but we had a lot of catching up to do with neglected friends and family after finishing the making of the Extravaganza and launching it in London. We're now ready to take the exhibition on to Harrogate and hope to see some of you there.
It was lovely to meet the people behind the pieces of work at Alexandra Palace and put names to faces, and see all the people we talked to about the project last year. Many were amazed  at how the project had progressed and participants were thrilled to find their own contributions towards it and a good few others were regretful that they hadn't taken part.  We were rather overwhelmed by the reception, peoples eyes lit up as they recognised the syndrome of the Unfinishable and related to the stories. The banquette in the interior provided an oasis of calm for many to reflect on the stories and have a quiet moment away  from the bustle of the rest of the show. One school girl said she would like a bedroom just like the interior. Visitors spent a long time listening to the stories on the audio and were visibly moved by the human experiences that were related. A lot felt comforted by the shared experiences that the project brings to life with comments such as 'I don't feel so bad now' and 'this is my exhibition, and thats my story'.
Jean Littlejohn, co-chair of the Embroiderers Guild told us 'Frankly its a triumph!'.  Such fabulous responses from the contributors and the public  made all the hard work and exhaustion worthwhile, and we are now really looking forward to bringing the Extravaganza to more shows and more people.

This is Felicity Clarke with me Felicity Clarke, one of the stranger coincidences of the project. Felicity is also a textile artist from Australia who like me works with felt, and sent in a very moving contribution that features in our book. Heres us pictured together when she came to see the show.

This is Anne Slough one of our Unfinishable contributors.

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