Monday, 10 March 2014

TOTU is coming to Cirencester! And you can participate too if you wish!

We will be exhibiting Tales of the Unfinishable  in the main gallery at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, from 15th March to 26th of April. This is the sixth and final venue of the highly successful Arts Council England assisted tour which began almost 18 months ago at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London.

After being shown in a shopping mall, a city atrium and a theatre where the Beatles performed amongst other places, this is the first time TOTU can be seen in a classic gallery environment. We have had the challenge of re-configuring the Extravaganza for this show in order to suit the gallery space which is long and comparatively narrow.  Its new form will be excitingly different but will still retain (we hope) all the essential features and atmosphere of the original. It will be a new experience for all!

New Brewery Arts is a lively and interesting place to visit, with craft workshops to explore, a lovely shop and popular café.

Our book, Tales of the Unfinishable: Investigating the Incomplete, will also be on sale there.

We, ourselves, are going to be at the New Brewery Arts Gallery on two Meet the Artists days – Saturday 15th March and Thursday 3rd April and would be very pleased to see you all there.

As part of the NBA exhibition, we will also be displaying an expanding collection of Unfinishable creative works which visitors wish to bring along to NBA, and the stories behind them will be shown too.  The items will be returned after the exhibition.  So if you’d like to participate in this developing display, bring your Unfinishable along anytime during the show.   

And more exciting news - the lovely short documentary about TOTU which was filmed at Alexandra Palace is now online. You can see it at