Saturday, 29 September 2012

Something for the Ears

No Extravaganza is complete without a soundtrack, and so we've made one. In a unit on a converted farm Chris Fort and Joe Donovan of Conjunction Studios were the sound technicians and producers that helped make our Sewing Sounds Symphony a reality. We wanted to create a piece of 'music' or a soundtrack made up entirely of the noises that would have been heard when each piece is made, a sewing machines, scissors cutting fabric etc. However, trying to record sounds as subtle as a pin drop can be very tricky as simple amplification makes them sound like an avalanche of boulders, needless to say the boys had a hard task before them. We spent an afternoon recording using different sewing machines to get different sounds and experimenting with big scissors and snippy scissors for different effects. Chris and Joe then put it all together making rhythms and patterns. There was a fine line between wanting it to sound like 'music' but for all the instruments to be recognisably sewing based. The boys at Conjunction Studios rose admirably to the challenge and we think we've got a real chart topper on our hands!

We also recorded a sample of the wonderful and compelling stories that accompanied the Unfinishable pieces. It was very hard to choose which ones to record as there all so interesting but in the end we chose a selection that represented the different reasons for peoples Unfinishable's. The stories were read by Eleanor Lord, Katie Caldwell, Linda Pateman, Claire Fletcher, Mary Baker and Felicity's daughter Harriet. Whilst they were waiting to record we got them making pom poms, tassels and Berkshire roundels. We do like to keep people busy. The stories will be heard over the soothing sounds of the symphony to help bring the Extravaganza to life. We're very excited about the finished result and look forward to everyone hearing it.
Here are some photos of us all at the studio.

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